Smith on Edward Nygma: ‘Has Anyone Ever Thanked Him?’


At the recent Wondercon convention this past weekend, CBR had a chance to interview Corey Michael Smith and get some insights on what makes Edward Nygma go from mild-mannered forensic scientist to psychotic villain.

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Some of it is already covered territory, such as Edward Nygma’s relationship (or lack thereof) with Kristen Kringle, but it’s also that he feels very unappreciated for his genius:

"No one talks about him, but Ed has really solved like three or four of the crimes. Has anyone ever thanked him for giving them the golden egg that like solves the puzzle? No! It’s ridiculous. If people would honor him the way that other people celebrate when things are solved, things might be different."

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview between CBR & Corey Michael Smith at the link provided, where he talks about things that might’ve helped Edward Nygma not become an evil villain, and a big tease about a key scene where it’s just Nygma and the audience alone in a room. Gotham returns for the final episodes of it’s first season this Monday on Fox!

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