Gotham: Promo Photos For “Under The Knife”


One day folks. Gotham returns from its hiatus to hopefully end its first season with a bang this Monday starting with the first of it’s final 4 episodes before going on Summer hiatus. This Monday is episode 19, but we’ve already got some tantalizing stills from episode 20, titled “Under The Knife”, which will air the following week.

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The pictures below aren’t spoiling anything, really, but they do indicate a couple things that you will see in “Under The Knife”. The Ogre (Milo Ventimiglia) is still seducing Barbara Keane, the queen of poor choices. Gordon and Bullock do some investigating, etc. One interesting photo is Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle dancing at a charity event, with Selina Kyle in a very pretty dress. Is it the start of a budding romance between the two, or is it part of their investigation into Wayne Enterprises? Find out when “Under The Knife” airs next Monday, but also be sure to catch this Monday’s all new episode of Gotham on Fox!

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