Gotham: Ben McKenzie Talks Season One So Far


Gotham comes back tonight for the first of its final four episodes of the first season, and Ben McKenzie, who plays Jim Gordon on Gotham, has been talking about how the show has gone so far and how the relationships have evolved.

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First, Ben McKenzie talked about the relationship between Gordon and Bruce Wayne on Gotham during a conference call:

"At this point, it’s very complicated. While Bruce and Jim have a bond of sorts, they are also at this point a little—Bruce is a little distrustful of the detective. He’s hiding secrets from him already, a trend which, of course, will only continue, and ultimately it results in him trying to hide the biggest secret. It’s an interesting relationship. It’s a mentor/mentee. It’s a surrogate father/son, and there’s also peer-to-peer because Bruce is so otherworldly intelligent. It’s quite interesting, and it’s a joy to work with David. I think as we go forward in the series, the bond will grow stronger, and at the same time they’ll be keeping more and more secrets from each other. That’s the best I can probably offer."

Then he also talked with CBR about how we feels Gotham has progressed as a show thus far during its first season:

"I think from a super sort of macro level, we made a mistake early on of becoming too procedural in our storylines in the first, say, six. The pilot wasn’t, and then all of a sudden, we started becoming a little bit more weighted in that direction. I just don’t think it worked. And we also weren’t using as many characters from the mythology that we should have. We had villains of the week, but they weren’t from the Batman universe. We’re not going to do that anymore. We’re focused on unspooling villains in multi-episode arcs. The vast majority will be from the mythology, and they will interact with each other. I think it’s a much deeper and more satisfying experience for the fans."

Check out the links about to read what Ben McKenzie thinks about the season finale of Gotham and more. And be sure to watch Gotham’s all new episode tonight on Fox!

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