Gotham: The Ogre Is Just Looking For Love


Gotham returns tonight with the debut of a new villain, the serial killer known as “The Ogre”. Milo Ventimiglia, who plays “The Ogre”, talked with about what motivates his character.

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"Love. He’s motivated by love. He’s a man looking for love. His means of getting it are as admirable as anybody else’s, but his execution for lack of a better word of whether or not a woman is willing to love him the way he’s hoping to is wrong. It is discovered pretty quickly why he is the way he is and you do find out what his problem is — but also, he is a human being, he’s just on the far opposite end of being a good human being. There is something in there — a want to be loved — that is driving him as a man. But when he can’t be loved the way he wants to be loved, that’s when his irrational side comes out."

Check out the rest of the interview with Milo Ventimiglia at the link provided where he talks much more in-depth about “The Ogre” and be sure to catch hi on tonight’s episode of Gotham on Fox!

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