See The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer In Imax On April 20


Man, this Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer hype is getting big. With that in mind, it’s only right that you’ll be able to see it on the biggest movie screens around, meaning Imax.

If you live near a participating Imax theater, you can register right now to get passes to see the Dawn of Justice trailer on Monday, April 20. The good news is that the passes are free. The bad news is that they are overbooking the theaters to ensure they sell out, so you may have to get there early and wait. To see a trailer.

A man who should know, director Zack Snyder, confirmed all of this on Twitter:

This is either the most ingenious marketing idea ever or a sign of the apocalypse. Possibly both.

In any case, the Dawn of Justice trailer screenings will come with a special introduction from Snyder. If it lasts more than 2:30, that’ll be longer than the trailer itself. And don’t forget, all of us got to see five seconds of it already. A teaser for a teaser, you might say.

Good luck if you’re planning on going. We’re doing our best to have someone at one of these screenings too.

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