Warner Bros. Names New Director For Wonder Woman


That didn’t take long. Wonder Woman may have lost a prominent female director when Michelle MacLaren decided to depart the film, but it’s getting another one — and the new director is getting a second chance to helm a super hero movie.

Variety reported today that Patty Jenkins, who was close to signing on for Thor: The Dark World at one point, is the new director of Wonder Woman. Unlike MacLaren, who has a lengthy TV resume but would have been making her motion picture debut had she stayed, Jenkins has done several films, including the award-winning 2003 movie Monster.

It’s obvious that finding another female director was a top priority for Warner Bros., which makes sense since Wonder Woman is the most famous female super hero in existence. The next thing to watch for is whether Marvel follows suit by hiring a woman to head up Captain Marvel, which won’t arrive in theaters until 2018, a year later than Wonder Woman.

Variety says that the prompt replacement of MacLaren should help ensure that Wonder Woman remains on track for its planned 2017 release.

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