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Greetings Batman fans! Gotham came back this week and you know what that means, I’m back too, with another episodic Gotham review for your viewing pleasure! It has been a few weeks since the last episode of Gotham entitled Everyone Has A Cobblepot but I think it was well worth the wait because Beasts Of Prey is pretty awesome! So without further ado I present to you my flow of consciousness review for Gotham episode 19 Beasts of Prey:

Fish is a very clever woman, despite the Dollmaker’s security measures she’ll be off that island very soon, you can count on it. After all she still has to get her revenge on Penguin, and then she may see about finally over-throwing Falcone as well. I’m sure that having both the boat and the helicopter on the island is a safety thing, after all Dr. Dulmacher would need to provide his rich patients with more than one means of egress should there be an emergency like a fire on the island, but unfortunately for him it does provide Fish Mooney with more than one avenue of escape as well.

Awe, Bruce is so cute with his little tray of sandwiches and drinks that he probably put together himself for lunch with Gordon so that Alfred could rest. People might speak often of the loyalty that Alfred bears to Bruce but it seems to me they rarely mention that Bruce is just as loyal. While Alfred may insist on taking care of Bruce even when he is an adult, Bruce is perfectly capable of caring for the both of them when the need arises. It is the mutual respect and love between the two that I enjoy so much in any Batman medium and I am so glad to see Gotham is doing such a good job of it here.

Penguin is up to something as usual, I don’t know what it is yet but I’m sure it’ll be entertaining. I’d like to say that Penguin is my favorite character on the show, but to be honest my favorite character changes minute to minute as I watch each episode, I already love these characters so much and this show is doing such a good job with all of them that I really can’t say that I love any one of them the most. For example: at the moment I am watching Edward Nygma report his findings on this murder case that Gordon was asked to look into, and I just adore Nygma, he’s so cute!

So my first thought upon seeing the Ogre and his latest victim, the one who’s murder Gordon is looking into, was that this girl thinks she’s in for some Fifty Shades of Grey style romance. It’s not really that far off the mark, after all the relationship is that book is also abusive, the Ogre just takes his ‘play’ to an extreme conclusion. My word of advice to any woman out there looking for a Mr. Grey of their own, please, please realize that this is the extreme some men are going to take that to because Fifty Shades of Grey is not a representation of a healthy consensual BDSM relationship, it is however a fine example of abuse.

Bruce is ever the determined little detective, but he clearly doesn’t know that shooting gallery has more than one meaning. Well I guess someone like Selina will have to teach him about the streets, and all the seedy things in life that he knows nothing about.

Why does Penguin just happen to have pruning shears in his pocket? Does he often need to lose someone’s fingers, or is he secretly a gardener? That would be really amusing actually, I could see him in a few years when he’s at the height of his criminal power with a beautiful garden he tends himself and often does business in. I could see him pruning a rose bush as he talks to an underling that has disappointed him and either clipping the man’s fingers or possibly just stabbing the shears into the guy’s jugular.

It looks like I was right about the Ogre, and boy is Bullock not happy when he finds out that the case Gordon got handed is an Ogre case. He tries so hard to keep Jim from making these mistakes but Jim just blindly rushes on ahead and Bullock is left chasing after him to keep his as Bullock would put it ‘sorry ass’ alive.

The Dollmaker got careless, he was to sure of himself, of his power over his victims and the security of his island, and it cost him dearly. Of course he’d never come across someone like Fish Mooney before, but maybe if he had been more careful and maybe checked his security measures more often he might have prevented Mooney’s escape and his own vicious beating at the hands of his victims from the basement. I also knew that Fish felt too much kindness to leave her friend behind. She may have had to let the good doctor remove a few of his organs but it was fairly obvious she was going to get him out alive.

The Dollmaker isn’t dead however after that beating and I suspect that if and when we see him again he may look a bit like one of his doll creations. It’s also possible that the men Fish betrayed in order to get the wounded people to the helicopter and off the island will be turned into Dulmacher’s dolls and come after her at some point.

Gordon should have guessed that something was up with this case he was asked to look into from the beginning, he should have known that it was a manipulation right away. He can trust exactly four people in the GCPD building, Bullock, Essen, Nygma, and Thompkins, and that is it. He can of course trust Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen but they aren’t in the same department, anybody else comes to him for help he needs to be cautious and assume the worst; the worst being that they are a dirty cop working for one of the enemies he has made for himself in Gotham.

It looks like on Gotham Selina will always be there for Bruce whenever he needs help that Alfred and Gordon can’t provide. Reggy Paine, what a sad loser he turned out to be, I know poor Alfred must feel terrible. Not so much about the stabbing, that he just got mad about but I know he feels bad about ever letting Reggy into Bruce’s home. Bruce can’t do it, he can’t kill Reggy even though it would be in defense of his own life, so Selina does it for him.

Of course Gordon is so focused on protecting Leslie Thompkins from the Ogre, I wonder if that means that his loved one that will be targeted will be Barbara Kean, who he may not be in love with anymore but whom I’m sure Gordon doesn’t want to see hurt. It seems a little early for Gordon to be getting rid of Lobe, I was expecting the show to run a few more seasons at least before Gordon became a candidate for Police Commissioner.

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