Six Reasons You Should Be Watching Daredevil

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Marvel’s Daredevil series on Netflix has been getting rave reviews. Critics are saying it “sets a new standard for TV shows.” Both Vanity Fair and USA Today used the word “triumph” to describe it.

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There’s no rush to see it, as Netflix released all 13 episodes of the show at once. Though some fans undoubtedly sped through them as quickly as possible — I know I’ve been mesmerized enough to stay up until 3 am several nights in a row to keep watching — one of the counterintuitive benefits of having them all out there is that there’s no rush. It’s not like a normal weekly series at all, and there’s no pressure to consume it at anything other than your own pace.

Yet I’ve talked to a few friends who are still on the fence, despite all the good things they’ve heard about the series. For some, it’s the fact that their preconceived notion of a Marvel TV show is shaped entirely by Agents of SHIELD (full disclosure: I like that show as well), and they’re lukewarm about jumping into another one. Others just aren’t familiar enough with Daredevil as a character to be motivated to try it.

To them, and to all of you reading who might be in the same boat, I say that you absolutely should be watching Daredevil, and preferably as soon as you have time and a place to start streaming it. Want reasons to back up my claim? No problem. Here are six that came to mind right away as I made my way through the first half of the series.

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