Check Out This Philadelphia Student’s Working Batman Suit


Anyone can cosplay as Batman, and any number of people have created very authentic looking Batman costumes over the years. But how about taking it to the next level with a Bat-suit that could really protect you if you decided to patrol your city for crime?

That’s what 21-year-old Jackson Gordon did. Though he also got his start as a cosplayer, he told CNN he decided to step up to something more functional after getting frustrated with his initial costume efforts. Gordon turned to Kickstarter to fund his project, and the result is pretty amazing.

The Philadelphia University industrial design student has cooked up an outfit made of Kydex plastic that is able to shrug off knife slashes or thrusts, backed by memory foam to dissipate the energy from blunt impacts. Gordon told CNN that the armor plates can “take anything but a gunshot.” He used polyurethane for the cowl, offering some protection while also allowing him to move his head — not necessarily a given, as Michael Keaton can no doubt attest.

You can check out a stress test for the chestplate in one of the videos below, as well as another that is more of a dramatic overview of the suit in general. And while you might not be able to create one on your own, you can order the cowl, and soon, the “combat jacket” from Gordon’s Armatus Designs website.

Just, um, please don’t use it to become a masked vigilante, okay? Let’s leave that to the experts.

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