Constantine – Not Canceled … Yet


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Originally, we brought you news that Constantine was most definitely canceled by NBC, but showrunner Daniel Cerone said that it was a premature rumor.  He still has yet to meet with NBC and Warner Bros. executives to give them his pitch.  That meeting is supposed to happen in May.  And Cerone confirmed with that a second season could still be conjured up:

"I just received confirmation from the corporate offices at NBC. I was assured that Constantine has not been canceled and our pitch meeting to discuss a potential second season remains on the books. By the way, this is a pitch meeting involving the president of Warner Bros and and the entertainment heads of NBC. Nobody at this incredibly busy time of the development season has time to waste taking pointless meetings.Now, is it fair to say that Constantine is a long shot? Sure, that’s fair to say. While we marginally improved a tough time slot for NBC, we’re a very expensive show to produce. A lot of NBC’s decision making will no doubt hinge on their new pilots and how they feel those new shows would fare as a companion piece to Grimm, versus a second season of Constantine."

There you go.  Though it’s a long shot, our mage isn’t gone yet.  The best words to sum this up would be from the movie Dumb and Dumber (1994) where Lloyd Christmas responds to the probability of him having a relationship with Mary Swanson: “So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance.”

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