Spider-Man creator Stan Lee is happy Spidey’s back with Marvel


Many Spider-Fans were overjoyed by the news that Spider-Man would be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to an agreement between Marvel and Sony. We here at Whatever a Spider Can were amongst those happy fans!

However it transpires that the man who co-created Spider-Man alongside Steve Ditko, Marvel’s Generalissimo himself, Stan Lee was also glad to see that Spider-Man would soon be in his rightful place interacting with fellow Marvel comic book characters.

Lee, was asked about the deal between the two movie studios when comicbook.com interviewed him at the Gillette event. The former comic book writer, now infamous for appearing in several Marvel film cameos, was asked if the deal made him happy, to which he replied.

"“Of course, the more we can get them all together like the Avengers, it’s fun and the public, they love those kinds of movies. And so do I.”"

Of course, this deal is only the start. Marvel still need to incorporate Spider-Man into their world and they still need to reboot his cinematic franchise yet again. However if Marvel’s track-record so far is anything to go by, Spider-Fans all over, and Stan Lee himself are right to be happy about this move!

You can watch Stan Lee’s full interview on the video below!

[source: comicbook.com]

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