Spider-Man might not be in Age of Ultron, but his creator Stan Lee will be!


Stan Lee is famous for many things such as inventing and creating many of Marvel’s longest running and most iconic characters. However all anyone wants to know about him now is ‘will he be making a cameo appearance in ‘XYZ’ film?’

And you can’t really blame them. Spotting Stan Lee in the midst of a Marvel comic book movie has become somewhat of a past-time and a right of passage for comic book movie goers. He’s literally been in almost every single film!

So, with ‘Age of Ultron’ only a week-or-so away many people will be wondering if they’re going to spot Stan Lee making a cameo in the hotly anticipated sequel and the answer to that query is that they will and they won’t!

Stan Lee recently spilled the beans about his Avengers: Age of Ultron involvement during an interview with comicbook.com where he revealed that he wouldn’t be making a cameo, telling his interviewer

"“You know the thing that bothers me they refer to them as cameos, I think of them as supporting roles”"

But you’ll be pleased to know that the Generalissimo went on to confirm that he would be appearing in not one, but two scenes ‘Age of Ultron’. It’s unclear if he’s playing the same cameo character in both. Sorry, supporting role!

"“Not only am I in Age of Ultron, I’m in two scenes! One scene followed immediately by another one. So you musn’t miss that”"

Unfortunately Lee remained tight lipped about what his supporting role would entail, but he was keen to speak about his light-hearted frustration about never being able to talk about his film appearances.

"“For some reason they never let me tell people what my cameo will be until they’ve done the movie and I’m dying to talk about it.”"

You can watch Stan Lee’s full interview on the video below!

[source: comicbook.com]

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