Gotham: Clips From Under The Knife


There are just three episodes left of the first season of Gotham! And things really heat up in this Monday’s episode, titled “Under The Knife”.

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These clips from “Under The Knife” cover a wide range of concurrently running plots, from Gordon & Bullock’s continuing investigation into The Ogre (and The Ogre threatening Gordon) to Penguin starting to plan plans in motion to finally kill rival crime lord Sal Maroni. Bruce & Selina also argue over Selina’s killing of Reggie and discover they may have some irreconcilable differences. Check out the clips below:

Will Penguin succeed in killing Sal Maroni? Will Selina’s first kill lead her down a criminal path and cause an irreparable rift between her & Bruce? What will the repercussions of chasing The Ogre be for Jim Gordon? Find out on this Monday’s episode of Gotham, “Under The Knife”, on Fox!

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