Gotham: Selina Kyle’s First Kill


This past Monday on Gotham, Selina Kyle proved that she’s willing to kill someone when she pushed Reggie out a window to keep him from telling on them to their enemies at the Wayne Corporation. What does this mean for Selina Kyle? The cast of Gotham examines that in the following clip “A Cat’s First Kill”.

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In “A Cat’s First Kill”, Camren Bicondova (who play Selina Kyle on Gotham) claims that Selina is in fact pretty ok with what she did. She’s kind of glad in fact. Reggie after all, was a worthless drug addict that tried to kill Alfred and is tied to the people sent a trained assassin after Selina Kyle in the mid-season finale. David Mazouz (who plays Bruce Wayne) explains that this event significantly affects the relationship between Selina Kyle and Bruce. You can also see Sean Pertwee (who plays Alfred) describing Bruce & Selina going to a Wayne charity ball as “walking into a nest of vipers”. Watch the clip below:

What repercussions will Selina Kyle’s willingness to kill have? You’ll have to tune into Gotham Mondays on Fox to find out!

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