Let The Batman v Superman Parody Trailers Begin!


The first Batman v Superman trailer has dropped. And even if it was the most awesome trailer ever, it’d still be ripe for parody, as pretty much all trailers are. In that spirit, we have a couple of parody Batman v Superman trailers that have already popped up online.

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The first Batman v Superman parody trailer is the obligatory Lego trailer. It’s pretty much a shot for shot remake, which consider the trailer has only been out a couple days, is fairly impressive, the the Youtuber who made it says he spent months preparing for it by gathering info so he could put it together fairly quickly. The second trailer is a commentary on the fact that the Batman v Superman trailer is pretty ridiculously dark and self-serious, with an appropriately silly tune accompanying the footage:

Like I said, even if the reaction was that the Batman v Superman trailer was that it was awesome, it’d still be rife for parody as most trailers are these days. Will this week’s IMAX trailer be any different and (hopefully) give us a better idea of the film? Let’s hope so.

h/t Gammasquad and Polygon

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