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Daredevil Premium Format Figure Available For Pre-Order From Sideshow Collectibles


How’s this for some good timing? Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series is currently the hottest thing in super hero TV, and Sideshow Collectibles just happens to have a Daredevil Premium Format Figure that you can pre-order now. Coincidence? I’m thinking probably not.

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So here’s the deal with this figure: it features Matt Murdock in his classic red comic book costume, running past a ruined statue of Lady Justice (part of the figure’s base) for that extra symbolic touch. He’s got his billy clubs in his left hand and looks like he’s about to deliver a killer right hook as well.

Up close, you can see the stitching on his costume and the leather textures on his gloves and boots. Daredevil stands 17 inches tall and weighs in at a hefty 12 pounds, so you know he’s not going to be coming off the shelf too easily in your law office. Or your home, in case you’re not a lawyer like Matt.

Expected to ship in July or August, you can pre-order one for $379.99 by making a deposit of $38 right now. Alternatively, you can add it your Amazon Wish List and hope that there’s someone who likes you an awful lot and wants to give you a significant gift later this year.

Think a few people might want to add this to their collections after finishing up the Netflix series? Yeah, me too.

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