See The Wonder Woman Costume From Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Up Close


We’ve already seen pictures of the Wonder Woman costume that Gal Gadot will be wearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, like the one above. But better, closer looks are always welcome, and that’s exactly what Umberto Gonzalez of Latino Review has managed to acquire.

Fresh from his Instagram account, where he has images of the Batman and Superman costumes as well, you can see it for yourself:

Evidently it’s not just the lighting in those first images of Gadot that make the colors in the costume appear a bit muted, though the blue parts do pop more under brighter lights. The war on yellow is in full swing since those areas are gold here, but that will probably look better and less “comic book-y” on the big screen, and more in line with the generally less gaudy colors used in Man of Steel.

(As an aside, it does kind of make you wonder what they’re going to do with the Flash’s costume, or Green Lantern if he shows up. But I digress.)

Diana’s lasso, shield and sword are apparently standard issue, and those large bracers should give her more surface area to deflect bullets than regular-sized bracelets. I’m definitely a big fan of how it incorporates both the eagle and “WW” symbols from Wonder Woman’s costumes over the years, though I’m curious how they will explain the latter in the films.

Pretty cool overall, and another reason to be excited for all things Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice as we wait for its 2016 release.

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