The Flash Synopsis – Season 1, Episode 19: Who Is Harrison Wells?


This is one upcoming episode of The Flash you should be able to tell a lot about just from its title. Who is Harrison Wells, indeed?

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We know more about him than Barry Allen and his friends, thanks to the reveal a few weeks ago that it is actually Eobard Thawne inside Wells’ body. The real Wells is dead, and Thawne stole his identity in order to continue his work, hoping that the particle accelerator would give him the means to return to his own time after it was responsible for giving Barry his super-speed.

But others are getting suspicious, and they’ll be closing in on him in “Who is Harrison Wells?” Notably, Joe West and Cisco Ramon are continuing their investigation, as we see in this week’s official synopsis from The CW:

"Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) head to Starling City to continue their investigation of Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh). While in town, the duo enlists the help of Captain Lance (guest star Paul Blackthorne), and Cisco meets the Black Canary (guest star Katie Cassidy), who asks him for a favor. Meanwhile, back in Central City, Barry (Grant Gustin) races to catch a meta-human named Hannibal Bates (guest star Martin Novotny) who can transform himself into every person he touches – which includes Eddie (Rick Cosnett), Iris (Candice Patton), Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and even The Flash. Wendey Stanzler directed the episode written by Ray Utarnachitt & Cortney Norris (#119)."

I’m certainly enjoying the way The Flash and Arrow continue to be intertwined even outside of their “official” team-up episodes. One thing to focus on this week is that favor Black Canary asks of Cisco, as many people have speculated that she’ll be tapping his expertise to craft a sonic weapon for her to use as her Canary Cry.

The villain, Hannibal Bates, is a real one from DC comics. He came to life in the pages of 52, where he initially appeared to be a hero named Everyman in the new incarnation of Infinity Inc. before revealing his true colors as a murderous bad guy. Bates also had to eat some part of another person to transform into them, but since iZombie has part of that gimmick claimed already on The CW, touch makes sense here.

We’ll certainly be tuning in Tuesday night at 8 pm on The CW to see if Wells’ charade is close to ending, and we’ll have our typically fast recap and review up 20-30 minutes after the show. Meanwhile, our friends at will be gearing up for another edition of The Flash After Show with hosts Dylan Landon, Devon Stewart, Lauren Mayhew and Jack Hind. Hit them up on Twitter with the hashtag #TheFlashAS and they might incorporate your question into the show.

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