Arrow/Flash Spinoff Titled Legends Of Tomorrow?


I’m pretty happy with the idea that we finally have something to call the Arrow/Flash spinoff. Other than “Arrow/Flash spinoff,” that is.

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According to Variety, it sounds like Warner Bros. Television has settled on the name Legends of Tomorrow for the super hero team show we can expect as soon as next winter. Along with the Atom, Professor Martin Stein, Captain Cold, Heat Wave and whoever Caity Lotz is playing, the series is going to introduce Rip Hunter, Hawkgirl and potentially a few other DC characters as well.

Movie Pilot wise cautions that it might only be a working title, which is why I threw thew question mark in the post title. I like it more than just calling it The Atom if it’s going to truly be an ensemble affair, but Legends of Tomorrow still sounds a little generic.

If I were naming it, I’d give some serious consideration to using Justice Society or even simply The Society if Warner wants to keep the word “Justice” exclusively for a certain group of super heroes coming to movie theaters over the next few years. It’s a name that has currency with comic fans, and I always thought it sounded classy. Plus it kind of jives with what the TV version of the Atom is trying to accomplish.

As with most things in the fluid world of super heroes on TV, this is kind of a wait and see deal. Just don’t be shocked if we’re discussing Legends of Tomorrow in early 2016.

(via Variety by way of Movie Pilot)

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