Robin Lord Taylor: Penguin Wants To Be His Own Boss


Gotham is focused on the serial killer known as the Ogre right now, but we have seen snippets of Penguin making plans to move up in the world of organized crime. Speaking with CBR, Robin Lord Taylor promises that Penguin’s plans will have far-reaching repercussions for all of Gotham.

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"He sets some things in motion that affect everyone in the show. Everyone in the show will be affected by what he does in the last four episodes, and it really is his final assertion to being his own boss, to being his own man."

Robin Lord Taylor also teased that Fish Mooney will be involved in a big way:

"I can’t get too specific. Fish is a huge part of that. But it’s interesting, and it also really brings to the forefront — hopefully this is what people will see — the complexity of their relationship. Like, I know that they are arch-enemies, but at the same time, he has affection for her, because he wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for her. He learned everything about Gotham City, about the underbelly of Gotham City — he learned it from her, and all of the rules and all of that. So he does have reverence for her and really does care about her. You’ll see, there’s conflict there that is also going to be illuminated in the last four episodes."

Be sure to read the rest of the interview with Robin Lord Taylor at CBR where he goes into more detail. And be sure to catch his plans coming to fruition in the last couple episodes of Gotham’s first season on FOX!

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