There’s a petition to get Stan Lee cast as Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben


I recently wrote up an article about Stan Lee’s quip that he should play Uncle Ben exploring the reality of the Marvel comic book legend playing the role of Spider-Man’s influential uncle and I decided to do some digging. I discovered that I wasn’t the first person to suggest this as a possibility.

An article on mused over the very same idea a couple of months ago with the article’s writer ‘Toxygenic’ even giving us a paragraph setting the scene and describing how a possible Stan Lee cameo as Uncle Ben could go down

"The entire movie Peter and Aunt May speak fondly of Ben and the impact he had on their day to day lives, and how Peter would not be the man he were today if not for him. It’s clear his spirit still lives on and guides everything Peter does, but we never actually get to see him. But at the end of the film, the last line is Peter saying, “It’s just like my Uncle always taught me; with great power comes great responsibility”. The camera zooms in on a family picture of Peter, Aunt May, and smiling Stan as Uncle Ben! Cut scene, cue the credits."

I think it’d be a neat little gesture if something like this did happen in the next Spider-Man movie. However the real interesting part of the article was the revelation that there are several like-minded people out there that want to see Stan Lee play Uncle Ben in a Spider-Man movie, and they’ve even set up a petition.

Official Petition for Stan Lee as Uncle Ben

Unfortunately the petition seems to be missing in action now. But the fact it existed at one point or another means that some Spider-Fans out there want it to happen. What do you guys think?


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