Avengers: Age Of Ultron Primer – The Hulkbuster Armor

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Later Versions of the Hulkbuster Armor

A Hulkbuster II Argo Armor was later created which could also be operated via Tony’s mind.  This was part of Tony’s drone arsenal known as the Argonauts.

In World War Hulk, Tony created the Hulkbuster Armor MK II to battle the Hulk after his return from space.  The armor is again a modular exoskeleton.  It was equipped with rocket-powered gauntlets, which could throw a punch so strong that it would launch the Hulk several miles.  There were also admantium-tipped injector needles containing S.P.I.N. Tech nanites, which were theorized to suppress the Hulk’s powers, but they failed due to sabotage.

The latest version is the Black and Gold Hulkbuster Armor seen in Original Sin #3.1: Hulk vs. Iron Man (June 2014).  Bruce Banner / The Hulk faces off with Tony after finding out that his Hulk curse was from Tony’s deliberate sabotage of the Gamma bomb.

The armor is assembled from Tony’s car and is armed with Gamma blades capable of cutting the the Hulk’s skin.  There’s also a shock-and-awe weapon using a combination of ultrasonics and repulsors.  But this armor failed against the Hulk due to his increased intelligence and Extremis enhancement.

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