Charlie Cox Expects Daredevil Season 2 Same Time Next Year


Are you experiencing a little post-Daredevil letdown? That’s alright, we are too. Netflix releasing all 13 episodes at once was both a blessing and a curse, because while it was glorious to cue up several of them in one sitting, it was sure easy to get through them all quickly.

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No worries, though, because star Charlie Cox thinks we’ll have Season 2 by next spring. He told Empire that the schedule will be pretty much the same, and even gave some hints about where he thought it would fit in among other Netflix Marvel shows like Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

"We’ll begin shooting in the second half of the year. It’ll be the same timeline as the last show, so season two will come out about this time next year. Again, I’m imagining all this, but they’ll probably do Iron Fist or Luke Cage at the same time, followed by the other one [of the two] in the first half of 2016 and then maybe Defenders in the second half of 2016 or the beginning of 2017."

That’s a definite change from the original Netflix plan, which would have seen all four solo series followed by the Defenders before we even talked about Season 2 for any of them. My guess is that the success of Daredevil, along with the fact that it’s taking a while to get the other series all written, cast and filmed, made this move a no-brainer for Marvel.

Cox also name-dropped Elektra and Bullseye as characters he’d expect would have a shot at showing up in the show’s second season, along with mentioning the Punisher. Is it too early to start thinking about Marvel Netflix Phase 2?

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