Common Joins The Suicide Squad


Another name joins the Suicide Squad to add even more casting speculation! The Hollywood Reporter is saying Rapper/Actor Common has been cast in as yet unspecified role.

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There are a ton of possible roles Common could be playing in Suicide Squad. First and foremost is Green Lantern John Stewart (possibly before he actually becomes Green Lantern), as he was already attached to that role in another DC movie that never happened. Another top contender would be Bronze Tiger, a mercenary who has a long history with the Suicide Squad. Finally there is Black Lightning, who is arguably DC’s most prominent African American superhero. Common could be playing any of these roles or someone completely different. Hell, he may be playing somebody who is traditionally Caucasian in the comics. Will Smith is playing Deadshot after all. Hopefully we’ll get official news on who Common is playing in the Suicide Squad pretty soon as the film has already started production. Suicide Squad is due out in theaters August 5th, 2016.


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