Joss Whedon Wants To Direct A Batman FIlm


Joss Whedon may be done with Marvel, but he still loves comic book movies. Joss Whedon talked with MTV about how he loves going to DC movies, and would love to direct one DC hero in particular.

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In the video below, Joss Whedon says he’d love to direct everyone’s favorite caped crusader: Everyone wants to play with Batman. Come on, that’s just a given. Also that he really wants to see DC’s slate of movies and is really excited for it: “I love going to their movies. I want to see how they build their team.”

While I think Joss Whedon would do a great job with Batman, I think I’d like to see him tackle a more obscure hero like Booster Gold or Animal Man. I think Batman would be an easy home run for him and he’d be up to making lesser heroes awesome, but it would challenge him more creatively. I think Warner Bros/DC would be mad not to try and get him to direct SOMETHING. Whedon’s final Marvel film, Avengers: Age of Ultron opens May 1st.



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