Sony announce animated Spider-Man movie


Remember before Sony made a deal with Marvel over Spider-Man and all those ridiculous possible film rumours were flying around like the Aunt May solo movie and the all female Spider-Man movie and the animated Spider-Man movie directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller? So ridiculous right?

Except one of them is actually happening! has reported that at 2015’s CinemaCon Sony Chairman Tom Rothman announced that The Lego Movie directors Lord and Miller would be helming an animated Spider-Man film, just like the rumours suggested!

The duo who also masterminded Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and the Jump Street franchise are set to bring us the animated Spidey flick, which will run independently to any other Spider-Man film (hopefully that went without saying) on 20th July 2018 if this tweet from Steven Weintraub is to be believed

The film will also interestingly have Amy Pascal and Amazing Spider-Man 2 team Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach as producers.

Now I’m wondering if we could be heading towards a Lego Spider-Man movie and why not? They’ve already done a Lego Batman one and The Lego Movie was a rip-roaring success so why not capitalise with Spider-Man?

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