Joss Whedon regrets not having Spider-Man for Avengers films


Joss Whedon is a lucky guy right? He practically changed the mold of superhero film-making when he brought us the first Avengers film after each individual element was introduced in movies prior. He got to play with some of the Marvel comic book’s most beloved characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk and then he got to do it again with Avengers: Age of Ultron.

However he does have some regrets. For example the director who is infamous for adding very real drama and stakes into his work by killing off the odd character here and there is regretting the fact that the character he killed off in the first Avengers film, Agent Phil Coulson, was brought back to life (and then given his own television series and comic book). He tells I09

"But I have to say, watching the first one with my kids—I had not watched the first one since it came out—and then watching it with my kids and watching Coulson die but [thinking], “Yeah, but I know that he kind of isn’t,” it did take some of the punch out of it for me. Of course, I spent a lot of time making sure he didn’t. And at the time it seemed inoffensive, as long as it wasn’t referenced in the second movie, which it isn’t."

Another regret of Joss Whedon’s is more related to us Webheads because he recently revealed in an interview with Yahoo! that he’s gutted that he didn’t get to write for Spider-Man and use him in either of his films! This is of course because Whedon is handing the baton over to the Russo Brothers, with the pair directing the two parts of Avengers 3: Infinity War.

"“Yeah [I’d like to have worked on Spider-Man], he’s the poster child. He’s the first book I read, and I think that’s true for a lot of people. There are so many things I would want to do, even with these characters [The Avengers], even with just one of these characters. But the fact of the matter is: they’re doing fine, and I’ve probably got to move on.”"

Why do you think people were so vocal about Spider-Man going home to Marvel for so long Whedon? Imagine what would’ve been if Spider-Man was in Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron?

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