Emma Stone up for returning as sexy Carnage possessed Gwen Stacy


There was lots of talk about Emma Stone returning to the Spider-Man film franchise somehow following her character, Gwen Stacy’s death in Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The main suggestion that seemed to pop up was to recreate the storyline that Brian Michael Bendis wrote for the Ultimate line of comics that saw Gwen Stacy get possessed by the Carnage symbiote. Which at the time seemed like a fairly insane idea.

However a new leaked email has revealed that Emma Stone discussed the idea during a photo-shoot and was actually up for returning in such a manner, wanting to play a ‘bitch’ character

"Her photo shoot is going great. She’s happy and stunning. We were just talking about the fact she doesn’t have her next movie and she really wants to play a “bitch”…"

Hannah Minghella, who was writing the email then added.

"we started talking about how Gwen Stacey comes back as Carnage in one of the comics. We had a good giggle looking at the sexy red Gwen/Carnage images on line. Definitely a thought to consider for the future…"

So as you can see Emma Stone ‘giggled’ over the cosplay, which as Hannah describes, can be a little too sexy for some people’s tastes and was definitely up for it. Hannah would go a step further and deliberately make people picture a cool/intense/sexy Carnage Gwen fighting MJ in our heads. The cruelty.

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