Gotham: Bat-Villains Might Be Expendable


Just two episodes left in Gotham’s first season? Who will survive? Surely everyone who has gone on to be an established villain in the Bat-Universe, right? Well, Bruno Heller has mentioned this before, but speaking with CBR, another Gotham EP, John Stephens, reminds us that nobody is really safe on Gotham.

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"DC has been really flexible about characters who we in the canon know, “Oh, they survive because they have to do X later.” Those characters, as we’ll see, going forward — even in this season — they are not invulnerable. Some of those characters who everyone will expect to survive will not survive, which I think will make things exciting. Because when you see those characters that have a target on their back, you know that nobody’s safe. And you can watch that name or whatever gets reinvented later on in another fashion."

Does this mean the Penguin could be killed off and somebody takes his name? Probably not at the end of the first season. But it would certainly be interesting to see them kill off a major Batman villain on Gotham before Bruce Wayne actually becomes Batman. I would not at all be surprised if they killed off Sal Maroni and/or Carmine Falcone because while they are significant, they aren’t on the level of villains like Two-Face or Joker.

This ties into a post on SpoilerTV though, where they claim the following will happen by the end of this first season of Gotham:

"Selina gives Bruce a chance to find the answers he’s been searching for. Jim and Harvey find a clue to locating Barbara and Jim has a heated exchange with Oswald at gunpoint. Before the episode ends one character will take a nasty fall, another will be injured and two will be murdered."

So two characters will be murdered? Assuming that’s true, there’s a lot of possibilities if nobody is really off limits, and especially if someone can be replaced by another version (or just come back from the dead, as is so often done in comics). With that in mind, check out this trailer for Gotham’s final two episodes, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter:

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