There’s A Lot Of Things Wrong With Batman Forever


Though Batman & Robin is rightly credited with almost killing Batman as a movie franchise for all time, Batman Forever can certainly be seen as the beginning of the end, taking things in a far too campy direction (and this is considering Batman Returns had Penguin commandos with rocket launchers). I remember kind of liking Batman Forever, but I honestly haven’t watched it in at least a decade.

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Regardless, every movie has flaws, and the people at Cinemasin make a habit of pointing out every single one of them. There’s near enough in Batman Forever to make a nearly 20-minute video. This ranges from things like the ridiculousness of Chase Meridan being the first to arrive at a crime scene like a lead detective to the overall ridiculousness of Jim Carrey in general. Some of it seems a tad harsh, but none of its wrong:

Again, I remember generally liking Batman Forever, but this video definitely makes me think I need to re-evaluate that opinion…


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