Huge Daredevil/Spider-Man cross-over hinted by Charlie Cox for Daredevil’s second season?


Charlie Cox is probably at the peak of his fame following the cricially acclaimed Netflix series based on Marvel’s Daredevil. That is, of course, until season two comes out, or the Defenders hits.

But what can we expect for the future of Cox and his character? Well, the actor recently spoke to Screen Rant and seemed to drop a few subtle hints about what we might see in the second season of the show and beyond.

Not only did Cox mention that one of his favourite moments from the comics was  Daredevil defending White Tiger (another superhero) but Marvel’s newest superhero (ignoring Vision, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch) also mentioned Marvel’s soon-to-be newest superhero – Spider-Man!

"“I don’t imagine this will be the case, but I love it when Spider-Man pops up, and there’s one great issue where Matt Murdock has to defend Daredevil and so Peter Parker puts on his suit for him so he can sit in the dock. Other than that, I’d like Elektra to turn up.”"

To be honest that sounds like the perfect episode. Matt is desperately trying to figure out how both he and Daredevil will be able to appear at the same time and Spider-Man makes a surprise appearance to give his fellow street-level hero a helping hand!

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