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Black Widow’s Past Relationships and Losses

Originally known as Natalia Romanova, Black Widow was arranged by the KGB to marry a renowned Soviet test pilot named Alexei Shostakov.  When Alexei becomes an operative known as the Red Guardian, he’s told that he can no longer have contact with Natalia, and Natalia was told that Alexei died.

After her training to become Black Widow, Natalia fell in love with a then criminal Hawkeye when she was working as a spy for the Soviet Union.  Her love for him weakens her loyalty to her government, and as a result, her employers have her gunned down, but she survives the incident.  After learning of this, Hawkeye ceases his criminal career and joins the Avengers.  Not long after, Black Widow follows Hawkeye’s lead and also joins the superhero team.

In Daredevil #81 (November 1971), Black Widow starts a relationship with Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil.  She eventually breaks up with him in Daredevil #124 (August 1975) because she grew tired of being his sidekick.  Black Widow crosses paths with Daredevil again when he attempts to kill an infant that he believes is the Anti-Christ.  She admits to him that she still loves him, but notes that he has too much hate an anger for him to commit to her.

In Marvel Team-Up #82 – #85 (June 1979 – September 1979), she’s tortured to the point where one of her old cover identities, Nancy Rushman, manifests herself as a new personality.  As Nancy, she developed an attraction to Spider-Man, but her memory of her real identity is soon restored.

In Daredevil #157 (March 1979), Black Widow attempts to rekindle her relationship with Matt Murdock, but finds out that he’s already in a relationship with another woman.

In Champions #1 – #3 (October 1975 – February 1976), Black Widow moves to Los Angeles and becomes the leader of the newly created superhero team The Champions, which include Ghost Rider, Hercules, Angel and Iceman.  She soon has a brief romance with Hercules.

During the events of Civil War, it’s learned that Black Widow and Bucky Barnes, the former Winter Soldier, once had a relationship when they were both Soviet agents.

In Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Marvel imprint, Black Widow accepts a marriage proposal from Tony Stark and receives a black Iron Man armor suit as an engagement present.  Later, in Ultimates 3 #1 (December 2007), a sex tape between Black Widow and Tony Stark is released to the public.

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