Gotham: Don’t Rule Out The Ogre For Season 2


Tonight’s episode of Gotham may be the final appearance for Milo Ventimiglia’s serial killer character The Ogre, but the actor, talking to, says to not completely rule out a return.

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"First, Ventimiglia talked about how much he enjoys playing a villain:Playing villains is fun. The guy on Gotham, Jason Lennon, he’s no exception. He’s dark and he’s sick but he’s also earnest. He really does want to just find love. That’s a fun thing to try and tap into with a guy that’s so evil, you know? So bad. I think for me it’s just making him a human being that has a different way of living."

Then he hinted that returning to Gotham next season is totally possible:

"It’s always a possibility, but before that, I have a show called The Whispers coming out June 1."

So what does the mean for The Ogre? Will he escape to kill another day? Will he simply be arrested? Guess we’ll find out on tonight’s all new episode of Gotham!

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