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Warning: Spoilers

Greetings once again my fellow Batman fans! I’m running a little late this week with my Gotham Episode Review so please forgive my tardiness but it’s finally here, just before tomorrow’s next episode. This week’s episode is titled Under The Knife, a title which refers to the serial killer known as the Ogre. Now recently I have been writing my reviews in a flow of consciousness style but today I’ve decided to go back to a more traditional review style.

Under The Knife opens in a seedy part of Gotham at night and we see Bruce walking along alone and he is approached by a delinquent a few years older than Bruce. Selina drops into view to chase of this petty criminal and make sure that Bruce gets home alright. You can pretty much tell that she has a ‘what would you do without me’ attitude, because Bruce really doesn’t know how to handle himself on the streets of Gotham. The two start to argue over the events of the last episode when they confronted Reggy Paine, the man who stabbed Alfred while stealing from Wayne manor. In an act of self defense, after Reggy threatens to tell the people he works for that Bruce is still investigating them, Selina pushes Reggy out of a five story window, killing him on impact. This is or course quite distressing for Bruce and the pair spend most of the episode arguing. Bruce takes Selina as his guest to a Wayne Enterprises charity ball in order to get her close enough to Bunderslaw, the man who hired Reggy Paine, to steal the key to his office safe. The two look absolutely adorable all dressed up and dancing together, with everyone at the ball staring at them (it’s probably not often that the socialites who attend these gatherings see kids Bruce and Selina’s age at a ball and dancing just like the grown ups).

Edward Nygma’s story is progressing rather well, he is much happier with Thompkins as the medical examiner, but he is very concerned about his crush Ms. Kringle, who is being abused by her boyfriend. It’s pretty obvious that we don’t have long to wait to see him become the Riddler, although he likely won’t be committing the outrageous crimes of the Riddler’s prime until much later. He is really a sweet man despite his eccentricities and if Kringle could recognize that and see fit to date him she could likely stave off his turning for quite some time. Nygma tries to confront Kringle’s boyfriend about his abuse but when the guy laughs it off Nygma takes matters into his own hands and stabs the man repeatedly killing him out on the street in front of Kringle’s house.

Meanwhile Gordon and Bullock are still working the Ogre case and trying to figure out how to protect Leslie Thompkins from the wrath of the serial killer who has a habit of hurting the loved ones of whatever cop is trying to investigate his crimes. I have to agree with my editor and husband, I’m really not a fan of the Ogre story line. It just really isn’t all that interesting to me it almost seems to just be something to keep Gordon busy while the far more interesting stories are going on all around him. The most interesting thing about the Ogre story line is his flirtation with Barbara Kean, who I sincerely hope will become his partner in crime, as it is the best thing they could possibly do with her character. None of the Gotham fans I know care about Barbara at all, most of us just want her to give Jim a daughter and get the hell off the show. But it might actually be cool to see her go crazy serial killer, and it’s especially exciting for those of us who know that Jim Gordon and his wife actually had a son who was a serial killer, as I think this behavior from Barbara Kean would explain a lot.

Penguin is getting things in place to kill Don Maroni, though I don’t see him succeeding by the end of the season. We see nothing of Fish Mooney in this episode, which is a little disappointing, as I would have liked to have at least seen her and her people healing their wounds and preparing to get her revenge against Penguin. In all likely hood we won’t see Fish again until the season finale when she will show up to raise hell for both Penguin and Falcone.

There are only two episodes left in the season folks so stay tuned to Caped Crusades’ live tweeting of the episodes and for our reviews of each episode. When the season concludes we here at Caped Crusades will be doing a little round table to discuss the season over all, much like we did for the first half of the season during the winter break.

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