Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Brainstorm Session – “The Frenemy Of My Enemy”


I know it’s a few days late, this week’s Agents of SHIELD brainstorm. I’ve got lots of stuff going on, and no, that’s not just an excuse for how many episodes of Daredevil I watched in the last few days.

Overarching Questions

1. So how are Hunter and Bobbi going to be spun-off?

If the circulating rumors are true, Hunter and Bobbi are about to be the stars of a new Agents of SHIELD show when all this time I assumed it would be Bobbi and Mack.

But with Bobbi seeing that maybe her side of SHIELD has been focusing on the wrong thing (duh) and maybe she’s been a little too judgmental, I can see her and Hunter reconciling and making things how they should be between them. Coulson could send them off as as smaller faction, focusing on powered people and making his School for Gifted Youngsters…wait, wrong universe…

Either way, I’m down for more Hunter in any form. And Bobbi kicks ass. I have no problem with this–just as long as they show up on Agents of SHIELD from time to time still.

2. Has May really turned against Coulson?

Short answer “yes” with an “if,” long answer “no” with a “but.” The short answer really is no, but she’s going to want straight answers out of the man she’s followed for years now and sworn to protect from every form of warfare, be it internal or external.

With how much she and Coulson have been through, she will give him time to answer her burning questions. Especially why he’s teamed up with Ward. And especially why he was talking with her ex-husband behind her back. She also needs to act like she’s beginning to agree with fake!SHIELD so she can protect Coulson when they bring him in.

It takes more than a few photographs to sway Melinda May.

3. Will Simmons be broken or side with fake!SHIELD?

Again, no. While she doesn’t know that Coulson’s on his way back, she will be saved by the fact that Coulson will arrive and all focus will go to him. …Or every member of his staff will end up thrown in the brig. Plus the fact that she has May…not exactly on her side, but not throwing her under the bus will help keep her strong.

And you have to keep in mind that this is a different Simmons than season one. This one was undercover with Hydra for months.

Weekly Avengers Cameo

Maria Hill shows up before Bobbi and Mack wander in where the battle had been. She corners Coulson before he can take off in an attempt to find Skye once more. She convinces Coulson to turn himself in to fake!SHIELD rather than keep running. “You know Fury’s on your side when it comes down to it, Coulson,” she tells him. “You’re good at persuading people to see your side of things, and you can’t keep playing vigilante.”

“But it’s so much more fun,” he counters before agreeing with Hill and staying put to be found by Bobbi and Mack.

(Hey! She’s supposed to be in this week’s episode!)

Fun Theory I’m Making Up Right Now

I know this is probably completely and utterly wrong, but keep in mind it’s a theory.

Coulson isn’t actually doing all of the things fake!SHIELD thinks he has. In fact, it’s Hydra doing it and pinning all the blame on Coulson. After all, Coulson is their biggest problem right now (Avengers notwithstanding) and they may have heard rumblings of another faction of SHIELD that doesn’t seem to be a problem to them. So make fake!SHIELD’s focus on Coulson and take it off Hydra and turn the two factions of SHIELD against each other.

I mean, Hydra needs the bunks more than Coulson. They probably figured with the “twins” ready to go and actually successful in manipulating their DNA (or whatever you want to call it), they can make an entire army of Specials. And they’ll needs lots of beds for that.

Then again, I’m pretty sure all of this will be sorted out in Tuesday’s episode. And I’m 89% sure I’m completely off-base with this.

Weekly Webisode Idea

“Grant Ward’s Weapon Stashing”

All the different ways to conceal weapons on your person! Seriously, when Deathlok made him dress down, I was impressed with how many different things he had stashed on him, including that straight razor in (what looked like) his watch.

Watch out, James Bond, because Grant Ward might be one-upping you!

Good news, everyone! I’ve figured out when I can see Avengers: Age of Ultron this week! That means I won’t get spoiled by what Agents of SHIELD might tie into! Anyone else seeing it this weekend? I mean, since it’s coming out…

I’m excited to see how this week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD sets up for it, too. They did a great job with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and that affected them more than AoU is supposed to.

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