The Flash Catching Up To Agents Of SHIELD In Ratings


Look out Agents of SHIELD. There’s a super hero show that is gaining on you, and just like the super hero it stars, The Flash is coming on fast.

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The ratings numbers are a story of two shows trending in opposite directions. Despite what some sites have reported, The Flash hasn’t caught Agents of SHIELD in overall viewers just yet, but it has claimed victory in the 18-49 demographic, with a 1.5 rating compared to Agents of SHIELD‘s 1.4.

What has to be somewhat worrisome for Marvel and ABC is that AoS was promoted as having direct ties to Avengers: Age of Ultron — which it did, though they weren’t made explicit until the final 10 minutes of the episode — and even featured a guest appearance by Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill. The expectation would be that those things would pop the rating, at least a tad, but instead, the 18-49 rating tied the lowest mark in the history of the series. Detractors have long wondered if the show’s future could be in jeopardy, but it’s reached the point where it’s renewal is a fair question even from a more neutral perspective.

In contrast, The Flash should zoom (pun intended) through its last few episodes now that the Reverse-Flash has been exposed and Grodd is looming as well. The freshman DC show seems to have a nonstop bag of tricks from which to pull, and there’s no reason to think the twists are going to let up before the season ends.

Just a thought, but maybe Marvel should stop playing around in the margins of the world of super heroes and embrace it full-on — even if it means doing so with a concept other than Agents of SHIELD.

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