Amazing Avengers Infographic Shows Every Team Lineup Ever


If you read this site regularly, you know we’re big fans of the folks at Pop Chart Lab, who have come up with some awesome comic and super hero-related prints over the last few years. Even so, they may have outdone themselves this time.

Pictured below (just click on it to get up close and personal) is Assembled! A Mighty Mapping of Membership Across Every Issue of Avengers. As the name of the print suggests, it’s a chart that gives you the Avengers lineup in every issue of the Avengers comic from its debut in September 1963 to the allegedly final issue, vol. 5, #44, which just came out this week. Between that and Avengers: Age of Ultron hitting theaters tonight, this is about as timely as it gets.

Note that this doesn’t include the various other teams of Avengers, including West Coast, Young, Secret and Dark, and as Pop Chart Lab says, “DEFINITELY no Great Lakes—sorry, Dinah-Soar!” It’s also restricted to only official, active members of the main team. Even so, it likely took just as much time to research all this as it did to create the 87 hand-drawn head icons for all of the heroes.

I can see this being pretty popular with my kids, who are somewhat obsessed with Avengers they’ve never heard of like Gilgamesh and 3-D Man. Now I can prove to them that those dudes actually were on the team. You can too if you’re willing to part with $35 for the 24″ by 36″ print, which will come to you signed and numbered by the artists and shipped in a protective tube.

You can pre-order one now, and shipping will begin on May 8. Never guess which issue Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman joined the team again (spoiler: it was issue #300, and I knew that without looking!). Have the whole gang assembled on your wall forever and show your dedication to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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