Avengers: Age Of Ultron Primer – Ultron

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Ultron’s Adamantium Upgrades

The original Ultron was Ultron-5 and it didn’t have an indestructible body.  Because of this, Ultron would become the first wielder of Adamanitum in the Marvel Comics universe.

In Avengers #66 – #68 (July 1969 – September 1969), the character refers to itself as Ultron-6 and uses Adamantium to upgrade it’s body to an almost indestructible state.  After that, it christens itself with the new name Ultimate Ultron.

Even with an Admantium reinforced body, multiple Marvel universe heroes have been known to damage Ultron.  Johnny Storm was able to damage Ultron’s internal circuitry with his nova burst.  Wonder Man was able to destroy Ultron by throwing it with immense force and damaging its internal systems.  Scarlet Witch, who Ultron especially fears, is able to cause internal circuitry malfunctions with her hex powers.

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