Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange already exists in the Spider-Man cinematic universe


I am one of those many, many, many, people that cannot wait to see Benedict Cumberbatch enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Dr. Stephen Strange, or Doctor Strange for short! He’s been one of my favourite actors for quite some time and to see him step over into the awesome world of Marvel superhero movies will be truly amazing.

However Doctor Strange has existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Sony’s Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man 2 which is a long, long time. That’s right, the reference in Captain America: The Winter Soldier wasn’t the first time Doctor Strange has been mentioned on the big-screen! Take a look.

That’s right, J. Jonah Jameson acknowledges that the name ‘Doctor Strange’ is taken when he’s spit-balling with a colleague about what to call Doctor Octopus. That means that Stephen Strange was probably behind the scenes running around the streets of New York for the entirity of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy!

Pretty neat stuff right?

Shout-out to Reddit user Countchrisdo for the heads-up!

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