Fun Marvel Movie Theory: Are The Locations Of The Infinity Stones Spelling Thanos’ Name?


Here’s a fun Marvel Cinematic Universe theory from the world of Reddit: the locations of the Infinity Stones might be trying to tell us something. In fact, they might be spelling out the name of the being seeking to bring them all together.

A redittor by the name of dishonourable posted the following GIF yesterday:

As you can see, it lays out all six Infinity Stones, including the places where the four we’ve already seen in Marvel movies have been found. It certainly does make you wonder if Kevin Fiege and the crew in charge of the movies has thought this out.

If course it wouldn’t help Thanos locate the stones himself, since some of them have moved around. Nor are they even all in their vessels at this point, as the Power Gem is in the care of the Nova Corps, while the Mind Gem has a new guardian as well — which you know if you’ve seen Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We’ll have to see if the final two Infinity Stones fit the pattern. One redittor jokingly (we think) commented that the Soul Gem would show up in Adam Warlock’s hat, but we’ll have to see where it and the Time Gem finally make their debuts. If the latter shows up in something that starts with an ‘n,’ it’ll pretty much assure that this chart moves from interesting coincidence to bona fide revelation.

(Shout to Daniel Wood, editor at our sister site Whatever a Spider Can, for pointing this out.)

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