After Daredevil: Five More Marvel Heroes We’d Like To See On Netflix

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5. Ghost Rider

On just plain cool factor alone, Ghost Rider is too awesome to be left out of Marvel’s TV and movie plans. The visuals for the character are amazing, and likely the main reason he keeps getting new life in the comics.

Despite the fairly significant powers of the Spirit of Vengeance, his concerns are often more in line with the street level heroes of the Marvel Universe, which is why I think he’s work on Netflix. Away from network TV or basic cable, you could explore some really dark, disturbing places and have Ghost Rider as the only being who can get some measure of justice for people in desperate circumstances.

There is the not so small matter of having a protagonist whose head is on fire, but the producers of The Flash have managed to pull it off pretty well with Firestorm. Granted, you’d be spending more money than on Daredevil when Matt was running around dressed in black for most of the series, so it could get cost prohibitive.

A Ghost Rider show would also have history working against it in the form of the two Nic Cage movies, one of which was merely mediocre while the other one was terrible. Yet Daredevil managed to make everybody forget about the Ben Affleck film, so it’s definitely possible. I say spend the money and see what happens, because the results could be amazing — but that’s easy to say when it’s not my cash.

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