Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap – “Scars”


In the wake of Avengers: Age of Ultron, how do you think Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD fared this week? Let’s just say there’s not much directly to do with Age of Ultron, though there are mild spoilers.

Not-So-Short Summary: Agent Sam Koenig!! In Star Wars sheets! It turns out this is one year ago, and Agent Coulson is updating Koenig on what’s going on with his people while May thinks he’s on a recruiting trip to London. So what is Theta Protocol? (Mild Spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron)

It’s a helicarrier!

Present day: There’s TV footage of the wreckage of Sokovia, which is a cute tie-in. Coulson confesses the whole Theta Protocol: Nick Fury wanted a fail-safe in case of another earthly disaster, aka the helicarrier to help out the Avengers. With all his cards out on the table, Coulson suggests one SHIELD. He’ll be the director, but the council will help him decide things.

In Afterlife, Raina claims to be embracing her true self, but even I don’t buy that. Her latest vision involves a stone with deep cavities in an ocean of blue. Gordon claims it’s Kree, some weapon intended to destroy the Inhumans. Jiaying sends both of them to investigate it, and they end up on fake!SHIELD’s boat where Hunter catches them and puts up the alert. The item in question is only shown for a few shots–some sort of item dug out of the ground over one hundred years ago and no one is sure what it does, but Hydra was looking for it.

Now that Lincoln’s awake, Coulson and May put Skye under the gun because she’s keeping to herself, not saying much about any of these Specials, and no one knows if they’re friendly or even people. “Call them Inhuman,” Skye says, and the entire Marvel population squees in excitement that it was finally said. While Skye throws May for a loop by blowing the door open on the Inhumans in Bahrain, fake!SHIELD decided to rebuild the tracking device Hydra used to track Gordon.

So they know where Afterlife is.

“Who said anything about an attack?” Coulson responds to Gonzales when presented with this information. Their whole argument sounds like X2, people walking into banks, walking into the Oval Office with a bomb strapped to them, and everyone’s concerned. Coulson wants to sit down with Jiaying; Bobbi suggests Skye as a liaison.

In a private aside, Coulson tries to apologize to May, who has none of it. She gives him the truth about Bahrain and the call she had to make regarding the little girl killing people with a wave of her hands, and how she would never have been able to pull the trigger on Coulson if his alien writing got out of hand. He claims he never lost control, but she counters that Skye is living proof that he did.

Raina “sees” another vision of SHIELD raining fire down on them if they come to speak to Jiaying…so maybe she should be the person they meet with?! It all seems too fishy, and Gordon goes along with it too easily.

While trying to set up the Inhumans/SHIELD meet-up, Gonzales tells Coulson he’s too close to this one. He gives a grandiose speech about Ultron and the fall of the Avengers and Tony Stark and it all sounds moderately believable. May shoots down Coulson. Gonzales is going in instead.

On the quinjet, May and Bobbi have a heart-to-heart until the quinjet seems to be landing too soon. It turns out it’s Agent 33, not May. Bobbi kicks her butt, knocks her out, leaves the jet to see where they are, and gets shot with an icer by Ward. Man does he play a good bad guy.

No one trusts Raina, so they quarantine her to her room. Jiaying and Gonzales meet after Skye leads Cal to the SHIELD agents outside since Cal offered to turn himself in for killing people (you know, since SHIELD loves putting people in prison). Gonzales assures her they aren’t the same as Hydra, then offers her something–a traditional Chinese gift to ward off evil spirits Jiaying was going to give Skye, so less of an evil gift than I anticipated.

All Gonzales wants is to meet her people, learn their powers, and keep track of them so if they ever hurt innocent people in the future, SHIELD can be there to help control them.

Jiaying offers a gift as well–see, the Inhumans made their own Terrigen crystals because they only had five diviners in their possession. they melted a Diviner down so they could make their own. She breaks a crystal to make Gonzales turn to stone like Triplett, then shoots herself in the shoulder and stumbles out to tell everyone he tried to kill her.

And this means war.

Post-Credits Stinger: Ward duct-taping Bobbi to keep her restrained. 33 wants to kill her now, Ward wants to show her what it means to get closure. What are these two even up to? Was Bakshi not enough for her?

Badass Moment of the Week: Nothing horribly outstanding, combat-wise, so let’s go with how perfect Cal was in this episode. Perfectly restrained yet boiling anger, hilarious as usual,

Best One-Liner: “This way, we’ll have a cool underground base–and a boat!” Coulson says after offering to combine their two SHIELDs.

You know, this episode had a lot of heartwarming scenes between Cal and Jiaying. From him giving her everything he knows about Raina’s personality to her putting her trust in him to him offering to turn himself into SHIELD to protect his family, you can see how these two truly love each other. What I find strange is that Jiaying seems pretty genuine in her feelings, even though she’s mentioned in passing in previous episodes

Then again, we just witnessed how calculating and manipulative Jiaying can be.

I didn’t even touch on Mack. He quit SHIELD this episode, because he just can’t trust Coulson or anything alien and he needs to just be rid of it all. Is this really the last of Mack or will we see him again? It’s a very lackluster send-off, I have to believe he will be back.

This episode even gives us a cute FitzSimmons scene where Fitz confesses he wanted to kill Ward and Simmons confesses she did try to kill him and his next evil action is on her. How do you think she will feel when she finds out Ward has Bobbi? She’s starting to look a little shaky whenever anyone mentions Bakshi…

Does anyone else have a weird feeling about Lincoln? He’s very upset about still being alive, and even to protect the Inhumans from SHIELD seems like a lame reason to want to die.

With all the craziness going on this week (babysitting, new job, in-laws), your weekly brainstorm session may be delayed and/or canceled for this week. But have no fear! If you must fill the time, perhaps go see Avengers: Age of Ultron, if only for that scene of Cap ripping a log in half with his bare hands.

Next week is the two-hour season finale of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD! Will we get that Hawkeye cameo I’ve been petitioning for?! Will Skye choose SHIELD or Inhumans or that spin-off we’ve been hearing so much about? Will Peggy Carter show up? Can we at least see more Inhumans with powers?

Who knows! Anything could happen!

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