Cast & Crew Talk Gotham Finale & Season 2


That was some Gotham season finale, huh? Well, members of the cast & crew of Gotham had plenty to say about what happened in the last episode of the season, and what to expect going into the next season.

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First, Jada Pinkett Smith talked with Entertainment Weekly about the way Fish went out in the Gotham season finale:

"She’s one of the characters that has been the most difficult to let go of. I still have my Fish Mooney nails and I think I’m going to keep them for a while. I love Fish. She’s one of my favorite characters. If she survives, I would definitely be willing to do whatever was necessarily to continue servicing the story of Gotham. I think I’m going to hold onto these nails for a minute."

If you saw the finale, you know Fish “died” in the most ambiguous way possible, falling into water from high up. From the rest of the interview, she doesn’t even say she won’t be back for season 2, just that she won’t be a series regular. Smith really seems like she relished the role, even claiming it got her interested in acting again, so don’t be too surprised if she pops up for an arc in season two.

Gotham EP Bruno Heller talked with Deadline Hollywood about Edward Nygma going full on Riddler in season two, but not a mob villain like The Penguin. Heller also gave a cryptic hint that seems to indicate the Joker will be around in season two (whether or not it is the young man known as Jerome is anybody’s guess):

"There will be a very big villain arriving in Season 2, one who doesn’t want to run Gotham Feb 16 2015Gotham, but destroy it."

And Gotham EP John Stephens talked with Yahoo about what we’ll see from young Bruce Wayne in season two:

"Going into the Batcave is the first step in finding out who his father really was. In Season 2, Bruce will become a different person than he was in Season 1, and the journey into the Batcave helps to show that in a really objective way."

Sounds like season two of Gotham is going some interesting places. Hopefully, they’ll iron out the season one kinks for an awesome season two.

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