Review: DC Collectibles Gamestop Exclusive Arkham Knight Red Hood Figure


“What the hell took you so long? Couldn’t decide if you wanted to let me live?”

Ahhh … poor Jason Todd.  Killed by the fans Joker in the late 80s, only to be resurrected almost 20 years later as the Red Hood.  Well, it appears Jason Todd might be finally getting his due — as in, becoming a playable character in Rocksteady’s new upcoming video game, Batman: Arkham Knight.

The rub?  Red Hood is only available as a playable character through pre-order at your local Gamestop.  DC Collectibles jumped in on that exclusivity, making a Red Hood figure as part of their new Arkham Knight line, and just like the Red Hood story pack, the Jason Todd figure is only available at Gamestop.

The figure, sculpted by Gentle Giant studios, fits right in with the rest of the DC Collectibles Arkham Knight line (which includes Batman, Arkham Knight, Scarecrow and Harley Quinn), though.  The new line features packaging similar in style to DC Collectibles Designer Series, only with a much darker tone and more graphics.  As far as packaging goes, it’s pretty righteous.

Once you get him out of the package (that’s IF you decide to take him out; remember, he is an exclusive), Red Hood is full of points of detail.  There’s his worn out armored shin guards.  The buckles and straps across his legs. The beat up body armor underneath his hoodie and motorcycle jacket.  It all lends to a “real world” costume feel.  The coolest part, though, are Jason Todd’s trademark red bat symbols “spray painted” on his body armor and on the back of his jacket.  Something really badass about it.

And speaking of red hoods, the Red Hood literally has one.  Todd still wears a red mask, but covering his head is the hood from a red hoodie.  Pretty clever of the game’s designers, if you ask me.  Todd’s mask, though, is kinda weird.  For some reason, it sticks out around the chin.  I’m not sure what that’s all about.  It’s probably part of the game, meaning there’s a reason why it was designed that way, but it’s kinda odd and alien looking.

The downside to having a hood, though, is that his head doesn’t turn very well, though that isn’t too important since he is supposed to be wearing said hood.  Hence the name of the character.  That complaint aside, Todd is pretty articulate.  He’s got pivot and hinge joints up and down his arms and legs.  He even turns at the waist, which is really nice for posing him.

Is it me or does Jason look like he’s been partaking a bit too much in late night snacking?  He’s definitely got a stocky look to him.  It could just be the body armor he’s wearing. I don’t know.  I’m not saying that’s bad or good, either.  It’s just an observation.

Red Hood is packaged with two oversized guns, which have the red bat symbol on them as well.  It’s a nice little touch, as you know what they say: the devil’s in the details.

Overall, Red Hood is another decent figure from the Arkham Knight line, one definitely worth having.   Especially, if you’re a completist, or an exclusive loving fool much like your friendly neighborhood jman.

Red Hood is only available at Gamestop and retails for $24.99.  Get him now before you gotta pay triple on eBay.

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