Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Brainstorm Session – “Scars”


It’s the last episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD before the season finale! There are far too many things I could have covered this week, but I kept it simple…mostly because I had to hand-write it and then type it all up.

Overarching Questions

1. What the heck is Grant Ward doing?

I mean, really. Is he getting back at Coulson? Is he messing with SHIELD? Or does he really love Agent 33 enough and is just trying to give her absolute closure like he had? His feeling do seem genuine, but we’ve seen Ward’s “genuine” feelings before.

Taking Bobbi, an intricate part of Coulson’s team (though on the outskirts at the moment) and someone who was a part of Hydra (or “part”) seems like a deeper play that just retribution. Maybe she knows something dark about 33 and 33 doesn’t want that out there.

All I know is that Bobbi’s a series regular and rumored to be part of that Agents of SHIELD spin-off, so she’s not going to be killed… unless the spin-off stars her ghost.

2. Will anything actually happen with that Kree weapon in SHIELD custody?

Part of me feels this weapon will be much like the gravitonium: a central part of one episode, then mentioned in passing at the end of the season and never seen again.

Jiaying just declared war on SHIELD. Gonzales’ people will want revenge for his death. And that Kree weapon was created to wipe out the Inhumans. That might be a dangerous thing in the season two finale. if someone in SHIELD Plans on using it in the war if they look to be losing, then that leads me to…

3. Who will pull that trigger?

I can’t imagine Coulson will or anyone else on his team, although if May did it, that would be a huge twist.

My gut says Lincoln. He was so angry about still being alive and in SHIELD custody and potentially giving them the location of Afterlife. He might make a judgment call and make the sacrifice play, destroying Afterlife to keep it out of SHIELD’s grasp. Who knows what exactly this Kree weapon does to the Inhumans.

4. Anyone want to bet this leads to the beginnings of, say, a civil war?


But really, this is a very safe bet. The two SHIELDs have different mindsets, no matter how much Coulson will try to keep the peace. They will fall apart (again. Spin-off). heck, we already see shadows of it with Coulson and May. Division will happen.

Weekly Avengers Cameo

It’s a Kree weapon of mass destruction. While the Guardians of the Galaxy make the most sense (stealing it from SHIELD to keep it safe, give it to Nova Corps on Xandar), who else could benefit from such a weapon?


Sure, all he really wanted was the throne of Asgard and now he has it, but why stop there? Why not continue to get under his brother’s skin and flaunt a weapon that could send Midgard to an early ruin–you know, once he reveals to Thor that he’s still alive and posing as Odin.

So when gordon teleports himself and Raina into Room 47, they find the container empty. Gordon begins to doubt Raina, already concerned about her selfish motives, until Loki saunters out of the shadows, calls them foolish mortals, prattles on about the make of the human race being weak, and I get Tom Hiddleston on my television for a few glorious seconds.

Fun Theory I’m Making Up Right Now

We will see the full, raged-out Mr. Hyde side of Cal in the finale. They’ve alluded to it enough in this past episode–Gordon mentions his concoction and SHIELD took vials off him when they put him on the quinjet.

And he played dumb when they mentioned the vials that keep him in check as Cal.

I don’t think he ever had any plans to be held in a SHIELD prison. The question now becomes how long he can go without his serum. I personally want to see him Hyde-out (instead of Hulk-out, get it? … I’ll see myself out), but I wonder if he won’t be taken down in the process. And Agents of SHIELD can use all the Kyle MacLachlan it can. He brings a dark humor to the show and it makes every scene of his a great one.

Weekly Webisode Idea

“Raina’s Ridiculous Visions.” Give us the silly visions she probably has. Who wins the 2015 Stanley Cup or the 2015 World Series. How about product placement–have a vision be a scene from Ant-Man. When will another Sharknado hit and what city this time? What are next week’s lottery numbers?

I’m highly anticipating the two-hour season finale for Agents of SHIELD. Both Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen have said there’s a pretty major cliffhanger and not everyone will make it out alive. Any bets on who we lose? I’m thinking Raina, 33, Jiaying, and a severely-wounded Melinda May.

For now, I’ll hold my breath until next week and wait in anticipation. Hey–at least we get a third season so we will only be left hanging for the summer!

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