New Trailer Shows The Flash Getting Help From Foes, Friends


We’re down to just two remaining episodes of The Flash, and fittingly, it looks like the pedal is going to be all the way down until the end.

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In the latest trailer for this week’s new episode, “Rogue Air,” the Reverse-Flash (and people can really stop calling him Wells now, since everyone is aware he killed the real Harrison Wells) decides to give the Flash and his friends something else to worry about, much like he did last week with Grodd. This time, it’s threatening all the prisoners in the Pipeline, or so it appears.

As Barry Allen notes in the clip, Reverse-Flash might not care about the lives of the meta-humans they’ve captured, but the good guys do. So much so, in fact, that they are willing to ask for assistance from someone they’d certainly rather not owe a favor, Captain Cold.

We also get to see Reverse-Flash taunting our hero again, annoyingly self-assured that the Fastest Man Alive can’t beat him. Fortunately, Barry has super-powered buddies of his own (technically Oliver Queen has no powers, but you know what I mean), and it looks like we’re going to get one heck of a three-on-one handicap match. Pro wrestling fans will know of what I speak.

Oliver Queen has been pretty busy with his own problems as of late, so who knows how it’s explained him showing up here, in his League of Assassins garb, no less. Maybe we’ll get one of those “the events of this episode take place after the season finale of Arrow” blurbs like we do in comics.

Yeah, probably not. In any case, this looks awesome, and The Flash’s season finale should be amazing. Can’t wait.

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