Gotham, Supergirl Will Go Head To Head On Monday Nights


The whole world is getting ready for DC’s two most famous super heroes to have a showdown next year when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits movie theaters. But we’re apparently going to be seeing a face-off between Superman’s cousin and a young Bruce Wayne even sooner than that.

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As part of its 2015-16 schedule reveal, CBS announced this week that Supergirl will air Monday nights at 8 pm, a prime spot for its first season. The series will only take flight in November, though, after the network completes its Thursday Night Football NFL games for the first half of the season. Comedies The Big Bang Theory and Life in Pieces will start the fall on Mondays at 8 before shifting to Thursdays when Supergirl debuts.

What’s interesting about that decision is that it places Supergirl in direct competition with Gotham, which Fox had already announced would remain on Mondays at 8 for its sophomore season. Though a conflict like this was bound to happen eventually with the increasing number of super hero TV hours in general, the networks had so far avoided a clash like this, and the fact that it involves the Superman and Batman brands is a little startling.

The one saving grace for fans who want to watch both series is that depending on when Gotham takes its winter break, there might not be too many Mondays where new episodes of both shows are airing before the end of 2015. We can safely assume Gotham will be in repeats or pre-empted by something else for the last half of November and most or all of December while Supergirl is running through its first batch of episodes.

Still, for portions of 2016, it’s almost inevitable that the two series will be going head to head. That’s not as big a deal in this era of DVRs and streaming — certainly, both CBS and Fox will ensure viewers have every opportunity to catch up — but since plenty of comic book fans enjoy the communal experience of watching these shows live, complete with social media interaction, it’ll be interesting to see how this particular scheduling conflict shakes out.

One thing’s for sure: we’ll all have twice as much to talk about on Tuesday mornings next spring.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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