First Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer Gives Fans Pretty Much Everything They Could Want


There’s always a danger of lapsing into hyperbole when you say that any piece of pop culture has something for everyone, but in the case of the first trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, that really seems to be the case.

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Want to know why this seemingly ragtag group of characters, which includes “a girl with wings and a past lives complex,” “a deceased assassin” and two of Flash’s Rogues would band together? You’ll see Arrow and the Flash explaining exactly why they need to become a team, with a little help from experienced time traveler Rip Hunter.

Worried about how Sara Lance returns from the dead or whether or not we’d see Firestorm, considering that Professor Martin Stein is involved? Yep, this trailer answers those questions as well.

Plus there’s plenty of the two heroes who started off this whole DC super hero kick on The CW, as it wouldn’t make much sense for Arrow and Flash to simply turn the gang loose when they have to deal with the immortal Vandal Savage as an enemy (great choice for villain, by the way). They will be involved, even if it isn’t on a weekly basis.

(Sidebar: does this mean Oliver Queen will be the Arrow again by the middle of the 2015-16 season? Sure looks that way.)

There’s also one scene at the very end that answers a question I know has been on the minds of a lot of fans, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. Legends of Tomorrow will hit The CW in early 2016, with a night and time to be announced. But frankly, I want to see more of it right now.

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