The CW Will Do An Arrow-Flash Crossover Every Year


More news from The CW upfronts, and this bit isn’t all that surprising, because when you have something that isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it.

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I’m talking about the crossover between Arrow and The Flash this season, which did well in ratings and was well-received by fans as well. That being the case, it’s no shock to see Deadline report that The CW wants to make it an annual tradition. Specifically, network president Mark Pedowitz would like to have it as a bit of a pre-holiday event, given that he has a specific time in mind.

"The crossover was so successful, we will be making it a special event in fourth quarter every year."

Makes sense to me. The shows start up in September and have some time to get into their individual arcs for the season. Then the crossover takes place a few months later, either tying in events from both series or giving us a temporary reprieve from the heavier ongoing plots (especially on Arrow) in exchange for the fun of seeing Barry Allen and Oliver Queen team up and compare notes.

Of course if you watch both series regularly, you know they bled into each other much more often than just during the “official” crossover, with each hero playing a key role in helping the other out of a late season jam. I’d expect that will continue to be the case, though I don’t expect either The CW or the shows’ producers to tip their hands in that regard just yet.

There’s also the Legends of Tomorrow spinoff to consider, though that won’t debut until early next year and thus won’t be part of any Arrow/Flash multi-parter in Q4 2015. Down the road, though? You have to think it’s a possibility.

(via Deadline)

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