Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Brainstorm Session – “S.O.S.”


With this being Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD‘s season finale, this week’s brainstorm session will be sillier than normal (if that’s even possible). We have months before we get answers, so let’s not delve too deep into anything.

Overarching Questions

1. So… Grant Ward, eh?

All of our overthinking of Ward’s feelings for Agent 33 was way too in-depth. As it apparently turns out, he really did love her. That scene of him mourning her in the bar hits right in the feelings. Now he wants vengeance. And part of me is surprised SHIELD didn’t take him out, but saving Bobbi seems more important.

2. That being said, we’re getting a Grant Ward-run Hydra, aren’t we?

Probably. It will be a new iteration of the once-Nazi group since every single one of its higher-ups is dead. And since the Avengers in Age of Ultron name-drop Hydra pretty much being dead once they storm Baron Strucker’s Fortress of Solitude, I doubt it will have any sort of impact or resonance on the greater MCU (though who knows what Captain America: Civil War will draw into its fold).

But a Ward-run Hydra could still be evil as hell. Because it feels as though he won’t just recruit from ex-Hydra, but anyone anti-SHIELD or looking for closure in their life. As mind-controlled Hawkeye said in the first Avengers, “SHIELD has no shortage of enemies.”

3. I’m never getting a Hawkeye cameo, am I?

Sure doesn’t look like it. I thought that with the Mockingbird/Hawkeye history in the comic books, we would get an awkward run-in that may or may not involve Hunter. With Age of Ultron, that would be both a) ancient history, and b) awkward for Bobbi/Hunter only. Maybe next season.

4. How will we ever get the Agents of SHIELD spin-off “Cal’s Crazy RV Adventures?”

“Dr. Winslow’s Veterinary Adventures” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

5. What Secret Warriors will we see next season?

It’s pretty blatant in those last few minutes that Skye’s main mission next season will be putting together a team of superpowered people, even though it’s just her right now.

I don’t know much about the Secret Warriors, only that Nick Fury brought them together as a team to use against the Skrull Invasion…which is a little heavy-handed even for Agents of SHIELD. The comics team includes the likes of Daisy “Quake” Johnson, Alexander Aaron (aka Phobos, who has precognition and can cause fear by looking in someone’s eyes), Yo Yo Rodriguez (aka Slingshot, who has superhuman speed), and Jerry Sledge (aka Stonewall, who has superhuman strength, durability, and can absorb the property of anything he touches, like Carl Creel, his dad, who we’ve seen already!)

Five bucks says those Terrigen crystal-infused fish oils are going to wreak havoc and Skye’s going to have a lot of recruiting on her hands. Can she get Deathlok as her personal backup?

6. What the heck is that Kree weapon?

I don’t know, but I’m really hope it gives Simmons superpowers. My best guesses (and “best” is horribly sarcastic):

  • A missing relic from Odin’s vault
  • The Soul gem
  • New Stark technology–it’s not actually hundreds of years old, it’s just Tony messing with Fury
  • Venom, because I want a non-sucky portrayal of him (thanks a lot, Spider-Man 3)

Weekly Avengers Cameo

When Coulson is consulting with Andrew after the fact, and he makes a comment about his missing hand, Tony Stark pops in, briefcase in hand, or maybe a couple of interns trailing behind him with boxes of things.

“Yeah, but you’re not gonna want something that’s out of date or obsolete in a matter of days,” he quips. “Anything less than perfect isn’t perfect. Agent here needs the full works: arc reactors, missile launchers, repulsor blasts–you know, the works.”

“…Missile launcher?” Coulson echoes.

Weekly Webisode Idea

“Dr. Winslow’s Veterinary Adventures”

Hey, at least it’ll have cute animals in it! Or giving kids dire warnings like Rex Banner, “You people remember: baby turtles and alligators may seem like a cute idea for a pet…but they grow up.”

No “Fun Theory” this week because it hurts my heart to think about how much longer we have to wait until Agents of SHIELD season three.

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll get character-by-character reviews for season two. And maybe some theories on other things, like legitimate guesses on what the Kree weapon is. In the meantime, revel in the finale, enjoy it for what it was, and step outside for a bit to enjoy the summertime weather.

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